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Delinquent or Unfiled Tax Returns

Do you have delinquent taxes or unfiled previous tax returns? We will assist you! We can prepare up to ten years back tax returns, both state and federal. There is a statute of limitations on back taxes owed, which expires after ten years, but this does not affect delinquent tax returns not filed.

Our fees are reasonable and we do not charge a larger fee because it is old, unless data must be reconstructed. Many firms charge huge fees because clients are overwhelmed by the paperwork and terrified by the IRS or FTB.

If there are 1099 forms filed without corresponding tax returns, the government taxes the entire income and adds various penalties and interest which results in huge scary tax bills until a filed return relieves the situation. Sometimes taxpayers that have delinquent taxes avoid the issue until tax liens are placed.

This creates tax problems with the IRS, however, we can pursue a settlement with the IRS. We have resolved many tax problems in lieu of IRS audits even found ways around the statute of limitations for audit reconsideration.

* Phillip B Chute is an Enrolled Agent, tested, licensed, and appointed by the IRS directly. He has prepared or supervised over 25,000 tax returns over 30 years.

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