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IRS or California Franchise Tax Board Audit Representation

If you are one of the unfortunate individuals or businesses that receive a notification of an IRS or California Franchise Tax audit; you can quickly be overcome with stress, anxiety, and downright panic.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, being represented by a qualified licensed Enrolled Agent will provide the best possible outcome.

Phillip B. Chute is an Enrolled Agent with the qualifications and more than 30 years of experience you can rely on to expertly handle every tax audit need. As a tax resolution specialist, I have the in-depth knowledge of the tax codes and regulations to provide you with the guidance and representation you need to provide the best possible outcome and make your tax audit as painless as possible.

For IRS and California FTB audits, Phillip B. Chute, EA handles your representation from start to finish. If your individual or Business tax return has been selected for an audit I will evaluate your tax issues in minute detail to identify any trouble spots and thoroughly prepare a thorough response to the IRS auditing queries. Rather than allowing you to be present on the day of the audit, I will present your case to the auditors in a professional manner designed to secure the best possible outcome.

Phillip B. Chute, EA can provide mobile service for your IRS audit if necessary, traveling to the needed location if I am unable to have the matter transferred to the local IRS or CFTB office.


The government has piles of statistics on everything you can imagine. The IRS also randomly audits groups of innocent people very thoroughly to get samples [Taxpayer Compliance Audits {TCMP} or under other names], and create new audit standard data [norms]. Then, they test the numbered lines on your tax returns to arrive at a numerical score which is compared to the statistical sample norm.

This score, which is called the DIF score, is thus compiled. A high DIF generates a human review, which can result in an audit. Items resulting in these high audit scores are missing income, business losses, out of whack cost of sales and other business or itemized deductions, and a hundred other items. A normal return is never audited except for a sample stat. Generally, the audits need to be earned. Today the greatest audit probability lies with non-wage payroll 1099s reported, and business losses that offset other income.

Types of Tax Audits

• Estate Tax Audits

• In-House Audits

• Office Audits

• Field Audits

• Tax Court Appeals

* Phillip B Chute is an Enrolled Agent, tested, licensed and appointed by the IRS directly. He has prepared or supervised over 25,000 tax returns over 30 years.

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