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Second Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Dear Client:

This has been a tumultuous year with the Coronavirus and widespread social disruptions of lives, work, and business. Many of us have been affected in various ways and we hope that as Americans, we will endure and look back in prosperous years ahead to review these times. Our hearts go out to those folks who have contacted the virus or been otherwise affected by it. Like the 1918 virus which helped stop the carnage of WWI, it is worldwide and caught the entire world unprepared.

Meanwhile, back at the big home-office, we improved our breathing environment early in the year to protect our family, employees, and clients. We installed an IQ Perfect MERV-16 filter with ultraviolet treatment for the main air conditioner/heater unit. This huge box of filters and electronics constantly wipes the air clean of all particles and viruses. It also helps people with allergies to anything airborne. Our tax season has been very mild with more returns sent by post or email. I am sure that the July 15th extension of the filing deadline gave everybody twice the time to prepare and complete the complex task of our annual filing obligations.

My new book, Stocks, Bonds, and Taxes, a huge prolonged affair, has been finalized with a second edition; a college textbook. We continually edited and reformatted the previous edition and now have an improved third printing of the original book which matches the textbook except for the 330 problems and answers in that text. We sent 200 review copies to different California colleges that offer business courses for the fall semester.

You must have read about the Rapid train from nowhere to nowhere [Bakersfield to Fresno] that has become a dinosaur living in Sacramento. A real high-speed train is in the works between Las Vegas and Apple Valley with extensions proposed to Rancho Cucamonga. This is privately funded and construction will begin next year.

We have insurance annuities for our conservative clients. Some offer a sign-up bonus up front to 6%, lower penalty terms for early termination, guaranteed earnings, exposure to the equity market through the insurance company investments with a no-loss guarantee, no advisory fees, and finally, very secure high reserve ratings required for California approval.

As always, we are here year-around for questions, interviews over tax situations, investment choices, and estate planning. If you should receive any tax communications by mail please fax or email a copy (both sides) to us and we will respond to you immediately.

We hope you liked the 2020 Calendar we put together for your use.

Wishing you the best of the remaining months of the year. Let us all stay safe and healthy.


Phillip Bruce Chute, EA, Nenita, Leslie

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