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Phil has prepared my personal and business tax returns for over 25 years. His work has always been prompt and very accurate. And I read every page! Phil has always been available for questions that come up between tax seasons. I would recommend Phil to anyone looking for a top-notch CPA well versed in tax regulations.

Phil and Nette, I want to thank you for the great help you have done for me. It has helped me save my job! I greatly appreciate it, I really do.

Barry Rhodes  09/08/2019

Michelle Bailey  09/22/2016

Philip has done my taxes and tax planning for over 35 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and always provides sound advice. I highly recommend Philip and has staff for your professional tax needs.

Brian Richard  08/15/2016

I'm a mortgage loan officer and needed to contact Phil regarding a mutual client who was refinancing his property. Phil has prepared the client's taxes for over 25 years and he exemplifies reliability, consistency, and knowledge of the tax code. He was extremely helpful and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a salt-of-the-earth tax person.

Raegan Erdman  04/18/2016

Phil has been preparing my taxes for over 20 years. His professionalism and concern is unsurpassed. When I was audited in 2010, Phil was there to reassure and support me, and no additional taxes were found. Because of his many years preparing taxes and financial planning, Phil knows all the maximum deductions. Phil has helped my small business survive in these tough times. Thanks, Phil!

T Quirk 03/12/2016

I found Philip on the Internet. I was impressed with his professionalism and quick turnaround in completing our taxes. I informed him of additional information for our taxes a few days after I dropped off our documents. He happily accepted the information and quickly revised our taxes. I would highly recommend his services

 C. Sykes  01/22/2016

My business had been audited by the IRS four years in a row. Then I met Phil and started using him for my business's accounting and tax filings. That was 31 "problem-free" years ago. If you want things done right the first time, advice you can trust and personalized service, Phil is your man.

G. Winfield  01/14/2016

Phil has been doing my business accounting and personal taxes for 15 years. His financial expertise has saved me literally tens of thousands of dollars and helped me earn substantially more. His approach is straight forward, thorough, and meticulously detailed. Every suggestion or recommendation is made strictly with the customer's goals in mind. He's the best type of partner a small business owner can have. If you value knowledge, reliability, and sincerely from a financial adviser then Phil is your solution.

S Glen  11/04/2015

Phil handled my business's incorporation and provides all the accounting and tax filing services for it. His expertise and advice have been invaluable in helping me start and manage my business. I also use him for my personal taxes. Beyond his knowledge and expertise, he is outstanding in customer service. He's always available and willing to help whenever I need him. I would recommend him to anyone that wants quality work and superior customer service.

L CeInik  08/22/2015

I found Phil on the internet after searching for an IRS Enrolled Agent. wanted to make sure that I did not get audited. I don’t live in CA so I had to fax all of my information. Phil was very prompt in his request of additional information. He finished my taxes fasted then I expected and had everything out to me immediately in the mail. I was very surprised when the package arrived. The copies were professionally bound, postage already placed on the preprinted envelopes to be sent to the IRS and he attached additional information for use in the future. Thank you again, Phil, for making this an enjoyable experience. You will get referrals from me!

K P Hollister 07/25/2015

Phil takes great pride in his work. His knowledge is unparalleled in the industry. He's honest, fair, upfront, timely and helpful. He cares about each and every one of his clients. That's what we all need in a tax professional. Thank you for all you do for me and my family Phil! Keep it up!

We met Phil Chute approximately 15 years ago after the big .com bust and then some abuse from Prudential Securities. When I contacted Phil He said, you don't have a lot to work with but I'd be happy to give it a try." Now 15 years later we are back financially safe and secure using advice from Phil.

Jonas 03/21/2015

H. L. Becker 01/22/2015

Phil. has been doing my personal and business taxes since 1976. I have found him to be a true professional and an expert consultant, his knowledge and advice has served me well in the past and made my life worry-free in the field of taxes. A more conscientious and friendly person to have representing you would be difficult to come by...

Brian Dempsey  01/22/2015

I have had Phil file my taxes for almost 10 years now, even though we moved out to San Diego county. His dedication to his work and how much he understands this business is immeasurable. If you want someone who will take care of your tax needs and also any financial planning, Phil will be a great asset.

Ron Hall  01/10/2015

I have been a customer of Phil Chute since 1986 for year-end personal tax returns. Phil's knowledge and insights with the ever changing tax laws has proven year after year to be a great asset to me. Phil makes the process easy and his staff makes the experience pleasant. I moved out of the Temecula area in 1999 and have continued to use Phil and all his talent via mail and email. If you aren't his client yet, you should be!

Dan McLaughlin 4/3/2012

Phil was referred to me via a friend and he is AMAZING!! He has been doing my taxes for a number of years, which includes my personal, business, and nonprofit. He is highly knowledgeable and has amazing patience. I trust Phil and his expertise and am quite honored to call him a professional, asset, and dear friend.

Brent Scarpo 08/28/2014

Phillip Chute, EA of Temecula Tax Service has done our taxes over 15 years. Phillip is honest, trustworthy, knows the "IRS" laws fully, and is easy to work with. He makes you feel confident that your taxes are done right and approved by the "IRS". Try him you will like him.

Norma Dawson 05/12/2014

Phil has been a blessing to me. I had three years of taxes which I had not filed. H&R Block and other commercial firms wanted to charge me an arm and a leg and were not able to give me the level of individual attention which my tax situation required. I initially asked Phil to file only one of those years for me. Phil was easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I was so satisfied with the job he did that I asked him to prepare the other years and haven't looked back since. He will be my tax guy for as long as he stays in practice. I highly recommend his services.

S Aaron 05/01/2014

I believe I am at the decade mark with Phil doing my personal tax returns. I continue to use him even though I am not in Temecula or even California for that matter. He has shown personal care towards us. This is what business relationships should be...personal (l know, sounds foreign). It seems when I suffered financially he could feel my pain. I feel very comfortable with his work...l do not feel I have to watch over my shoulder for the IRS to come after me as I know Phil knows what he is doing. I recommend Phil with zero hesitation...

Matthew Kroeger 04/12/2014

Phil has given us excellent advice in financial matters. He has a wealth of experience and willing to share it. You can count on Phil Chute to provide you with excellent, professional and qualified expertise. We don’t live in Temecula, but we drive one and a half hours to meet with Phil.

Barbara Masters 03/16/2012

Phil Chute has been my go-to guy for taxes, business advice, and friendship for more than 30 years. I couldn't let him get away when he moved to Temecula some years ago where he saw the future and grabbed it. He's definitely worth the drive. When I put my tax documents in his hands, I know I can relax because we trust him. We also have the camaraderie of both being ex-GIs. We are proud of our military service and love our country. Phil has continued to upgrade his accounting skills and his licensing over the years and I feel he can handle anything in the business and financial field. His advice is based on superior knowledge and experience. He has written authoritative books that demonstrate his expertise. recommend him highly and I am sure that folks who choose his services will be very happy with the results.

Wesley G. Hughes 04/12/2012

I found Phil on the internet while searching for an IRS Enrolled Agent to help file my personal and new business's tu returns. During our initial conversation over the telephone Phil was very patient and helpful. He asked me a lot of questions and explained everything I needed to do in detail and even emailed me a checklist to guide me. After I gathered all of my necessary documentation, I emailed it to Phil. Then in just a few days he emailed me a preliminary copy of my returns so that I could review them before he filed them on my behalf. They were perfect. He didn't miss a detail. I still can't believe how lucky I was to find him. He so knowledgeable and really cares about his customers. This was easiest and most thorough return I have ever filed. Thanks again Phil, you're the best!

P Scott 01/22/2012

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